Dr. Dawn Higgins

Dawn Higgins, PhD

After working with families who have had a loss and having lost my Dad at a young age, I decided to create Life Shines On.  One thing that gave me a sense of comfort was when I would meet someone who had lost a parent, there seemed to be an instant connection; an unspoken understanding. I hope that this organization offers a supportive community to those whose parent has died.  I believe we all can find strength inside the pain.  In my work with adolescents and families, I have observed that many think that their parent is watching over them.  Maybe that's what makes the stars shine brightly.

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To create a supportive community for those who have lost a parent, where the sharing of personal stories and professional resources and research, results in an empowering environment.   All ages are welcome however, special attention and advocacy is for the young children and adolescents whose parent has died.


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